We are a company forged, after many years of partnership and friendship, by a mix of experienced people in business and building construction.

Business men and brokering consultants together with Sponsors, Contractors and Workforce.

People that operate in the business covering it all...

We know with whom we work and we trust them!

Our Structure

Building Companies




RWA (Request Workforce Assistance)

Register with us to be able to access the RWA (Request Workforce Assistance) session, your Workforce Request  will be automatically posted in the Jobs list once reviewed.

Candidates will apply or will be automatically associated to the job based on their requests

You can review candidates directly from your dashboard and confirm with one click

You can review the resumes (if customer permission is given) their hourly rates and chose the candidate you wish, TagZeros Certified, Customer Certified  and NON.


Apply for a job from our Job list

Register with us! Work with us! Get certified with us!

Check out our deals and packages. Pay when you get paid!

Need help and documentation to work abroad?  We will guide you once the job is accepted.



Do you have a project?

We will tailor it for you

Post a project in the Sponsor session. We will contact you to before posting the project, to introduce us and explain how we work. Once the project is posted our Contractors will be able to apply to it.

We will assist and support the selected (by YOU) contractor  with workforce and *backup workers depending on the project location. (*Standby workers able to jump in in case of sickness or other reasons)

Every Contractor that will apply to the project will be visible and will have a profile.

This profile will include TagZeros Partnerships or Certifications, Customer Certifications and visibility of the certifier.